MQTT.fx® 5.0

With MQTT.fx® 5.0. we have not only upgraded to the new MQTT protocol v5.0 for you, but also added MQTT.fx® with additional features requested by our previous users.

Your advantages: Mime-Type: In the messages you can now see which file types are used, so the machine knows how to react. A small part of the message now contains the type of the message itself. This allows a reaction to the format, which was previously only possible in one case. This offers you an increased flexibility (formats/mime types: Json, XML, ini). Matching the mime-type of the payload, MQTT.fx® 5.0 searches for and applies the corresponding payload decoder.

No matter if you are a developer, employee of a large IoT department, or hobbyist. We have the right option for everyone who builds software that talks to machines. Since the possibility to test the machine communication not only saves you a lot of time, but also gives you a high flexibility in your work, we have taken MQTT.fx® to the next level.

The following features are included in the MQTT.fx® 5.0 upgrade:

  • Connection profiles for broker connections
  • Ad-hoc connections
  • Security (user name/password, support for SSL/TLS)
  • Publish and subscribe with full support of wildcard patterns and topic history.
  • Storage for predefined messages
  • Rhino Engine Scripts: Interface for scripted “publish” and “subscribe”
  • Evaluation of $SYS topics (mosquitto and HiveMQ)
  • Logging Console
  • HTTP-Proxy Support
  • Native installation packages for all platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux)
  • Regular updates/bug fixes
  • Check for available updates at app startup
  • Integration of the HiveMQ MQTT-Clients for full MQTTv5.0 support
  • Published Messages
    • Editor for “User Properties” of the message
    • Definition and selection of the “Content Type” of the message payload
  • Received Messages
    • Display of the “User Properties” of the message
    • Display of return codes and reason codes (if present in the message)
    • Display the content type of the message payload
    • Automatic selection of the appropriate payload decoder for the display of the payload based on the content type